Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS)




Date of completion : 2014
Time for completion : 8 to 10 weeks
Scale 1 : 100
Dimensions : 30″ x 48″ x 9″
Materials : Linden Wood | Styrene | Acrylic | Russian birch plywood | LED lighting



The CHARS project is located in Nunavut. The consortium N.F.O.E. and FMGDA commissioned this model for the presentation of the project. It was built in 2014 and its execution lasted between 8 to 10 weeks. The model’s approximate dimensions are 30 x 48 inches for an overall height of 9 inches.

First, the chosen scale of 1:100 allows to see the partitions of the interior spaces, the treatment of the facades and the exterior development of the site. The model presents four buildings, two smaller residence buildings and two others of larger proportions dedicated to research. Then the outdoor spaces are represented in a more abstract way using tubular structures and landscaped with a play on ground levels.

Three types of materials were employed for this model. On the one hand, styrene type plastic was used for building envelopes and the interior layouts. It was chosen because of its aesthetic and its ability to convey colors accurate to construction. On the other hand, clear acrylic, sanded, was used to represent glazing on buildings and linden wood was employed for simple details. Then, in order to make the model most realistic, the building envelopes were treated and painted to imitate construction materials that would be used on site.

The model was built on a Russian birch plywood of 1,5 inch depth over which landscaping was expressed with sheets of white styrene which reminds of a snowy ground. Layers of multiple sheets of one sixteenth of an inch represent the topographic levels of the site where small characters to scale enliven the model. Finally, the model is equipped with a LED lighting system integrated to its base.

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Outremont Campus Model - Side view

Outremont Campus – University of Montreal




Date of completion : 2012-2013
Time for completion : 16-20 weeks
Scale 1 :500
Dimensions : 48″ x 96″x 6″
Materials : Linden Wood | Acrylic | Russian Birch Plywood | Plants | LED Lighting



The Outremont Campus project construction site is former railway yard. It is located on the north side of Outremont neighborhood in Montreal. Provencher Roy commissioned this model in order to present the development of the project during consultations. The model was designed between 2012 and 2013 and its execution lasted between 16 to 20 weeks. Its overall dimension are around 48 x 96 inches for an approximate height of 6 inches.

The model, all elements of which are fixed, is at a scale of 1:500. This scale makes if possible to represent all the phases of development planned by the University of Montreal in a coherent whole in addition to situating it in the city. However 1:500th scale does not allow much detail on buildings whose volume only was reproduced. First of all, the strategy was to build the base of the model out of Russian birch plywood with the project’s insertion context, ie part of Outremont and Parc-Extension neighborhoods. Then, the buildings surrounding the project are represented with linden wood in a simplified way to emphasize the project itself while offering a realistic contextualization in the city.

Conversely, the new buildings were made of sanded acrylic blocks surmounted by linden wood roofs. For those to be illuminated, we have incorporated strips of LED bulbs into openings made through the base. Whan the new buildings are lighten up from under this gives them an appearance that contrasts with the rest of the model. Finally, the entire new development is bustling with vegetation  that help provide insight into the character of the institutional development and large-scale landscaping efforts in the area. The model was delivered with a transparent acrylic protective box and installed on a rolling table 36 inch high made with plywood.

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Presentation model for Medicity- Front view

Medicity – Medical Institute in Gurgaon, India




Date of completion : 2007-2008
Time for completion : 12-16 weeks
Scale 1 :200
Dimensions : 40″ x 48″x 24″
Materials : Linden Wood | Acrylic | Russian Birch Plywood | Plants  | LED Lighting



The Medicity model, commissioned by Provencher Roy and Arcop Architecture Inc., was to be on display during the project’s presentation. It was designed between 2007 and 2008 and its execution lasted between 12 to 16 weeks. The model’s overall dimensions are approximately 40 x 48 inches for an approximate height of 24 inches.

The model, of which all elements are fixed, is at a scale of 1:200. This scale allows to depict the entire real estate development with a certain amount of detail. First, the model was made in linden wood, because it is a light, strong and malleable wood essence. It was worked in thirty-second to one-quarter inch plates and assembled to represent the divisions between the pieces and to give an idea of the transparency of the building envelope.Then, clear acrylic was used to make the mainly glazed portions of the envelope.

The base of the model was made by staking linden slabs to represent the topographic work of the exterior layout which was also emphasized by the addition of plants and dried flowers representing the landscaping of the site. Finally, the buildings are illuminated from below thanks to a LED lighting system integrated at the base.

The monochromatic aspect of this project is consistent with the architect’s desire to design the building with a rhythm expressed both by the refined but complex form of the volumes and the use of pergolas and shutters not only to meet practical considerations such as sunlight and high temperatures which are important architectural considerations in India, but also punctuate and distinguish the various adjacent programs.

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