La Presse Building – Power Corporation




Completion date: 2018
Completion time: 8 weeks
Scale: 1:75
Dimensions: 28” x 20” x 22”
Materials: Russian Plywood | basswood | Birch veneer | Acrylic



The La Presse building project was mandated by Power Corporation in 2018. The realization of this entirely hand- made model took 8 weeks.
The model, all of which is fixed, is at a scale of 1:75. This scale made it possible to achieve a rich and precise level of detail, both in terms of the representation of textures in facade and the surroundings.
Particular attention was given to the representation of the moldings and facade details, as well as to the layout of the public space and the integration of the characters. One of the major challenges of this model was the integration of the elements into the sloped urban setting .
The entire model was made of basswood on a Russian plywood base on which the landscaping and urban context were expressed through birch veneer. Only the windows were represented by opalescent acrylic , in order to allow the integration of a central lighting.

BNC competition model – Sid Lee Architecture




Completion date: 2018
Completion time: 2 weeks
Scale: 1:500
Dimensions: 90cm X 90 cm
Materials: Russian plywood | Acrylic | Linden tree | Birch veneer



This model is part of a set of pieces presented in the architectural competition for the National Bank building in Montreal near Bonaventure station. The model manufactured in 2018 required 2 weeks of execution.
The project is represented on a scale of 1/500 in a large urban context. It was above all to highlight the reflection of the project in its context. The building presented to the competition is thus represented in acrylic, and those surrounding in basswood, simplified and in a schematic manner.
The facades of the main building were made by laser cutting the pattern from acrylic sheets. It was important for this second skin to let light pass through since the model is equipped with a lighting device to showcase the project.

Model Terminal Park Avenue Audi - Entrance detail

Terminal Type Car Dealership – Park Avenue Audi in Brossard




Date of completion : 2014-2015
Time for completion : 8-10 weeks
Scale 1 :87
Dimensions : 24″ x 40″x 14″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Metal Grating | Russian Birch Plywood | Plants | LED Lighting



The Terminal Park Avenue Audi project is located in Brossard. This model was created to present the project of a new terminal type car dealership to Audi Canada. The model was made between 2014 and 2015 and its execution lasted from 8 to 10 weeks.  Its overall dimensions are approximately 24 x 40 inches.

First, the model is on a scale of 1:87, an industry standard (ho) because, this allows to have access to many quality accessories. Then, the entire model is generally opaque with some parts of translucent glazing so only the showroom is visible from the outside. Then, the cars, the furniture and the other main elements are expressed in order to give the most realistic and faithful reading of the project.

Two types of materials were chosen for this model. On the one hand, the styrene, which constitutes the entire envelope, for its plastic qualities and its ability to retransmit colors faithful to those of the construction. On the other hand, acrylic, in opaque version for the floors and the roof and in clear transparent version or sanded for the glazing. In addition, to give the model a realistic appearance, the envelope is textured and painted and a wire mesh is mounted on the styrene panels.

The model is built on a base of Russian birch plywood on which the landscaping and urban context are expressed with cherry wood veneer or painted styrene and a mixture of moss and dried flowers. Unlike a standard lighting strategy by the base, the lighting is positioned in the upper part of the model to allow downlighting. Finally, this design allows the visible interior space to be lit in a realistic way.

The model is protected by a transparent acrylic case. To see an article about the completed project

Bota-Bota Spa on the Water Model - Side view

Bota-Bota Spa on the Water by Sid Lee Architecture




Date of completion : 2009
Time for completion : 4-6 weeks
Scale 1 :100
Dimensions : 24″ x 10″ x 10″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Linden Wood | Russian Birch Wood



The Bota-Bota project is located in the Old Port of Montreal. Its design was entrusted to the Montreal firm Sid Lee architecture. The model was commissioned by the architects to present the project to their client and to demonstrate the relationships between floors, spaces and functions. This model was made in 2009 and its execution lasted between 4 and 6 weeks. Its overall dimensions are approximately 24 x 10 x 10 inches.

First, for the purposes of the presentation, the model was designed to be manipulable and removable. Its scale of 1: 100 allows a good level of detail. The construction strategy employed makes it possible to see partitions, counters and circulations in order to understand the relationships and layout of the different sectors. The hull of the boat was obtained by thermo-molding while the walls were laser cut to control the accuracy of the openings. Then, to allow a perfect alignment of the different floors during the reassembly of the model, the vertical circulations were fixed as anchoring cores.

The main material for this model is styrene plastic. It was chosen for its plastic qualities and its flexibility when heated which allows simple curvatures, and for its ability to retransmit colors true to those of the final construction. In addition, wood is used to express its texture rather than its structural qualities.Then, all glazed parts and vertical circulations were made of transparent acrylic. The mat black painted parts strongly contrast with the orange thermo-molded elements or the wood left in its natural color. The interior, meanwhile, is anthracite.

Finally, two transparent acrylic blocks attached to a wooden podium support the model.

To project presentation by Sid Lee:


Marriott Hotel Model - Overall view

Marriott Hotel at Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport in Dorval




Date of completion : 2006-2007
Time for completion : 6 weeks
Scale 1:150
Dimensions : 24″ x 30″ x 8″
Materials :  Styrene | Acrylic | Linden Wood | Russian Birch Plywood | LED Lighting



The Marrott Dorval project is located in Montreal, near YUL International Airport. Its design was entrusted to the Montreal firm Provencher Roy Architects. First, the model was commissioned by the architects to present the new project to the Marriott group. Subsequently, the model, which had been displayed in the US arrival area during construction, was relocated to the entrance hall of the hotel. It was designed between 2006 and 2007 and its execution lasted for about 6 weeks. The overall dimensions of the base are approximately 24 x 30 inches.

The model, all elements of which are fixed, is at a scale of 1:150. This scale allows to visualize the implantation of the project in the new United States terminal. The model also allows to convey the integration of the project with the large-scale work undertaken at the Canada-United States customs and border crossings following the reinforcement of security measures after the events of September 11, 2001. Moreover, the interior treatment of the model expresses as much as possible the great transparency of the lobby which is open over the entire height of three floors.

The main materials chosen for this model are styrene, because it has great plastic qualities and the ability to transmit colors faithful to those of the construction, molded acrylic and wood that was used in two ways. On the one hand, it is applied on the model to express its own texture, more than for its structural qualities. On the other hand, it is used for the construction of the context and the site to give a neutral aspect to the environment and bring out the model of the building. Then, all glazed part are made of transparent acrylic and a central LED lighting system is installed in the model.

Finally, the model is protected by a transparent acrylic box. To see the presentation of the project by Provencher-Roy

De Lorimier Docks Project Model - Aerial view

Mixed Use Development Project – De Lorimier Docks




Date of completion : 2013
Time for completion : 8-10 weeks
Scale 1 :200
Dimensions : 24″ x 40″x 6″
Materials : Linden Wood | Styrene | Acrylic | Russian Birch Plywood | Plants | LED Lighting



The De Lorimier Docks project is located in the quadrilateral De Lorimier, Sainte-Catherine Est, Parthenais and René-Lévesque east of Montreal downtown area. This model was commissioned by Berthone Development Corporation Inc. and Nomade Architects to be used for promotional purposes. The project has a mixed-use programming of offices, businesses and residences that encompasses the entire block with a large garden space in the center of the project. The model was designed in 2013 and its execution lasted between 8 to 10 weeks. Its overall dimensions are around 24 x 40 inches of approximately 6 inches in height.

First, the model, of which all elements are fixed, is at a scale of 1:200. Because this allowed to visualize the whole of the project’s site in the existing urban context. The model also allows to appreciate the work of the different facades and volume variations. The buildings were made with a mix of materials: massive acrylic blocks for the core of the buildings as well as white styrene sheets in which patterns were cut to represent the composition work on facades. The rest of the buildings that constitute the urban context surrounding the site were made of linden wood blocks.

The base of the model was built out of Russian birch plywood on which landscaping is expressed through the addition of dried plants and flowers. The base also includes an integrated LED lighting system that is used to illuminate buildings from below. Overall, the model was made in a simple and sober aesthetic; linden and birch wood both being pale beige natural essences. The sanded acrylic buildings stand out from the rest of the context because of their plastic materiality, but fit harmoniously into the set of light shades.

To see the presentation of the project currently under development:


Maquette Concessionnaire Porsche Prestige - Vue rapprochée de l'entrée

Porsche Prestige Car Dealership South Shore




Date of completion: 2014
Time for completion : 8-10 weeks
Scale 1:87
Dimensions : 36″ x 42″ x 7″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Russian Birch | Plants



The project for Porsche Prestige Car Dealership is located on Montreal’s south shore. This model was designed so it could be presented to Porsche Canada as a new car dealership project in Montreal. It was made in 2014 and its fabrication took 10 weeks. The overall dimensions of the finished model are approximately 36 x 42 inches and around seven inches high.

The model is at a 1:87 scale. This scale is an industry standard (ho) which allows access to numerous high quality and very detailed to scale accessories (cars, people, etc.). Overall the model is mostly opaque with a very large horizontal window for the showroom. The cars, furniture and other main elements are expressed in order to faithfully represent the project. All the parts that make up the model are fixed except for the roof that is removable to reveal the showroom, garage, offices and service spaces.

First, two types of materials were chosen for this model. On the one hand, the styrene-type plastic, which constitutes the entire envelope, for its plastic qualities and its ability to retransmit the colors true to that of the construction. Thus, the building envelope is textured and painted to faithfully represent metal panels. On the other hand, clear transparent acrylic for glazing.

The model is built on a 1,5 inch Russian birch plywood base on which the landscaping is expressed using a mixture of moss and dried flowers. Overall, the model is a monochrome composition with a contemporary character. Finally, the Porsche sign was made in bright red acrylic that asserts itself strongly on the facade.

The model is also protected by a transparent acrylic case and a museum grade transportation crate. These are made to measure by

To see photos of the completed project go to: Porsche Prestige.

Bishop Court – Transformation of a patrimonial building by Atelier-S



Date of completion : 2015
Time for completion : 4 to 6 weeks
Scale 1 :87
Dimensions : 24″ x 24″ x 8″
Materials : Linden wood | Styrene | Acrylic | Russian Birch plywood | Plants | LED Lighting



Bishop Court is a transformation project of a patrimonial building in downtown Montreal. It is located in the area of the Old Port, at the corner of Saint-Paul West and Richard. The model was ordered by architecture firm Atelier-S to present the integration of the new lateral facade on Richard street with the overall building. The model was made in 2015 and its conception lasted for 4 to 6 weeks. Its approximate dimensions are 24 x 24 inches for a general height of 8 inches.

First, the model, of which all elements are fixed, is at a scale of 1 :87. This scale allows a good level of detail like the texture of the brick siding that make up most of the building’s facades as well as the moldings in masonry. Two materials have primarily been used to make this model. Wood is present in two forms: the base was made with Russian birch plywood topped with maple veneering to represent sidewalks.

Furthermore, linden wood was used to make the buildings. For the brick facades, the wood was then worked to imitate the chiseled aspect of the bricks and masonry ornaments. Two types of plastic were also used: the styrene, painted black made the new window frames for the facade on Richard street, where as acrylic was used to represent the glazing of all the windows.

The landscaping and the urban context are expressed on the base thanks to the addition of furniture, characters and plants. It also includes an integrated LED lighting system that illuminates the building from below. Finally the model is protected by an acrylic case.