Bota-Bota Spa on the Water Model - Side view

Bota-Bota Spa on the Water by Sid Lee Architecture




Date of completion : 2009
Time for completion : 4-6 weeks
Scale 1 :100
Dimensions : 24″ x 10″ x 10″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Linden Wood | Russian Birch Wood



The Bota-Bota project is located in the Old Port of Montreal. Its design was entrusted to the Montreal firm Sid Lee architecture. The model was commissioned by the architects to present the project to their client and to demonstrate the relationships between floors, spaces and functions. This model was made in 2009 and its execution lasted between 4 and 6 weeks. Its overall dimensions are approximately 24 x 10 x 10 inches.

First, for the purposes of the presentation, the model was designed to be manipulable and removable. Its scale of 1: 100 allows a good level of detail. The construction strategy employed makes it possible to see partitions, counters and circulations in order to understand the relationships and layout of the different sectors. The hull of the boat was obtained by thermo-molding while the walls were laser cut to control the accuracy of the openings. Then, to allow a perfect alignment of the different floors during the reassembly of the model, the vertical circulations were fixed as anchoring cores.

The main material for this model is styrene plastic. It was chosen for its plastic qualities and its flexibility when heated which allows simple curvatures, and for its ability to retransmit colors true to those of the final construction. In addition, wood is used to express its texture rather than its structural qualities.Then, all glazed parts and vertical circulations were made of transparent acrylic. The mat black painted parts strongly contrast with the orange thermo-molded elements or the wood left in its natural color. The interior, meanwhile, is anthracite.

Finally, two transparent acrylic blocks attached to a wooden podium support the model.

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