Maquette.ca is a Montreal based company specialized  in the design and manufacturing of architectural models. For more than 20 years, our architects, designers and woodworkers combine their skills within a highly qualified multidisciplinary team.

Our projects reflect the diversity of our customers. Weither it is a large scale urban master plan, a mixed-used buliding, a private residency, a study model for a museum or any artistic, conceptual or promotional project,we are here to answer your needs. Our expertise enabled us to collaborate with a wide variety of local and international firms in architecture and urban design, as well with renown cultural institutions, artistis and private individual.

Thanks to our high end technologies, such as laser cutter and 3D printer, we are able to offer you a durable, high quality work. Acrylic, liquid resine, wood-like cardboard and wood are our base materials to produce realistic, conceptual and functional models.

At Maquette.ca, all our projects are carefully executed in collaboration with you in order to assure the most accurate and unique project. In addition to our services of model design and fabrication, we provide a service of assitance and model upgrading.

For more informations about Maquette.ca, consult this article on Index Design.