Model Terminal Park Avenue Audi - Entrance detail

Terminal Type Car Dealership – Park Avenue Audi in Brossard




Date of completion : 2014-2015
Time for completion : 8-10 weeks
Scale 1 :87
Dimensions : 24″ x 40″x 14″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Metal Grating | Russian Birch Plywood | Plants | LED Lighting



The Terminal Park Avenue Audi project is located in Brossard. This model was created to present the project of a new terminal type car dealership to Audi Canada. The model was made between 2014 and 2015 and its execution lasted from 8 to 10 weeks.  Its overall dimensions are approximately 24 x 40 inches.

First, the model is on a scale of 1:87, an industry standard (ho) because, this allows to have access to many quality accessories. Then, the entire model is generally opaque with some parts of translucent glazing so only the showroom is visible from the outside. Then, the cars, the furniture and the other main elements are expressed in order to give the most realistic and faithful reading of the project.

Two types of materials were chosen for this model. On the one hand, the styrene, which constitutes the entire envelope, for its plastic qualities and its ability to retransmit colors faithful to those of the construction. On the other hand, acrylic, in opaque version for the floors and the roof and in clear transparent version or sanded for the glazing. In addition, to give the model a realistic appearance, the envelope is textured and painted and a wire mesh is mounted on the styrene panels.

The model is built on a base of Russian birch plywood on which the landscaping and urban context are expressed with cherry wood veneer or painted styrene and a mixture of moss and dried flowers. Unlike a standard lighting strategy by the base, the lighting is positioned in the upper part of the model to allow downlighting. Finally, this design allows the visible interior space to be lit in a realistic way.

The model is protected by a transparent acrylic case. To see an article about the completed project