Maquette Concessionnaire Porsche Prestige - Vue rapprochée de l'entrée

Porsche Prestige Car Dealership South Shore




Date of completion: 2014
Time for completion : 8-10 weeks
Scale 1:87
Dimensions : 36″ x 42″ x 7″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Russian Birch | Plants



The project for Porsche Prestige Car Dealership is located on Montreal’s south shore. This model was designed so it could be presented to Porsche Canada as a new car dealership project in Montreal. It was made in 2014 and its fabrication took 10 weeks. The overall dimensions of the finished model are approximately 36 x 42 inches and around seven inches high.

The model is at a 1:87 scale. This scale is an industry standard (ho) which allows access to numerous high quality and very detailed to scale accessories (cars, people, etc.). Overall the model is mostly opaque with a very large horizontal window for the showroom. The cars, furniture and other main elements are expressed in order to faithfully represent the project. All the parts that make up the model are fixed except for the roof that is removable to reveal the showroom, garage, offices and service spaces.

First, two types of materials were chosen for this model. On the one hand, the styrene-type plastic, which constitutes the entire envelope, for its plastic qualities and its ability to retransmit the colors true to that of the construction. Thus, the building envelope is textured and painted to faithfully represent metal panels. On the other hand, clear transparent acrylic for glazing.

The model is built on a 1,5 inch Russian birch plywood base on which the landscaping is expressed using a mixture of moss and dried flowers. Overall, the model is a monochrome composition with a contemporary character. Finally, the Porsche sign was made in bright red acrylic that asserts itself strongly on the facade.

The model is also protected by a transparent acrylic case and a museum grade transportation crate. These are made to measure by

To see photos of the completed project go to: Porsche Prestige.