Chalet in Sutton – Exploratory Models

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Date of completion : 2015
Time for completion : 1 week
Scale 1 :200
Dimensions : 18″ x 10″ x 4″
Materials : Styrene | Acrylic | Russian Birch Plywood | Cherry wood | Linden Wood | White Cardboard



Chalet in Sutton is a project for a cottage in the Sutton region in the Eastern Townships. This model was developed for the architectural firm Atelier-S. It has been used for the development and demonstration of volumetric options available to the customer. It was manufactured in 2015 and its execution lasted about a week. Its approximate dimensions are 18 by 10 inches for an overall height of 4 inches.

The model is at a scale of 1:200, which allows a volumetric representation with a minimum of detail. First, the base was made with a piece of Russian birch plywood. Then, the ground was made by stacking sheets of white cardboard of thirty-second of an inch each representing a line of topographic level. The pile thus formed faithfully presents the slope of the site. Several iterations of the chalet were made with solid clear acrylic, linden and cherry wood and styrene. Thus, each iteration presents a different play on volumes with arrangements of colors and varied materials. It’s all about representing the essence of the concept that guided the design of each of the options in an efficient and quick way to appreciate their differences at first glance.

The various chalets have not been fixed to the base, allowing the use of the model to try different compositions of development and make it a tool for discussion with the client. The materiality of the small volumes was a game of orientation on the site in relation with the public and private spaces and with the topography of the site as well as the surrounding landscape.

Article published in Les idées de ma maison available here: Maison secondaire au style nordique.