Sainte-Catherine – condo tower project in Montreal

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Completion date: 2020
Completion time: 3 weeks
Scale: 1:87
Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 28”
Materials: Acrylic | MDF base


The condo tower project is located in Montreal, on Sainte-Catherine shopping street, in the heart of the city. The model produced in 2020 enriches a personal collection. His execution lasted 3 weeks. Its overall dimensions are approximately 16 “x 16″ for a height of 28”.
The model was completed at a scale of 1:87. This scale allows you to enter a precise and rich level of detail, while allowing the representation and understanding of the concept of the project as a whole. The major challenge was to transcribe the two architectural principles of the project, particularly the large glass curtain facades in the upper residential part, and the commercial base in the lower part. It was therefore necessary to think of the realization of the upper part with the fewest possible joints, to work the assembly of the floors with these continuous facades while considering the staggering of the floors in order to best represent the concept.
The whole model is monochrome and was made in acrylic, white for the opaque elements, and sandblasted transparent to create the translucent aspect of the tower’s glazing. All the elements were first drawn digitally then engraved and cut by laser cutter before being manually assembled.
The tower is placed on a base representing, the immediate urban context. Everything is protected by a transparent acrylic cover. The model is built on a base of MDF on which the urban context is expressed through styrene and the integration of characters. The lighting is centrally positioned throughout the height of the tower so that it is evenly illuminated.